Pioneer is the leading producer of VWG (Vital Wheat Gluten). Our Max Protein™ is also available as Kosher Certified VWG & Halal Certified VWG. It is 100% suitable for vegetarians.

Pioneer offers both food & feed grade Rice Protein 60%, 70% & 80%. It is also available as Organic, Kosher & Halal Certified Rice Protein.

Pioneer is one of distinguished producers of ENA in India, laying significant emphasis on quality, our product matches the global quality standards.

Pioneer is a renowned producer of Maltodextrin offering Maltodextrin in Dextrose Equivalent (DE) range of 10 upto 35. Our PioneerMaltose™ is also available as Organic Maltodextrin, HALAL Certified Maltodextrin and Rice Syrup Solids.

Pioneer is also a manufacturer of Concentrate for Compound Animal Feed which is an excellent source of protein for Poultry, Cattle & Aquatic Feed.

Pioneer manufacturers BRS (Brown Rice Syrup) and has a significant market share around the globe, offering a range of DE from 26 upto 60 with various applications. Also available as Organic BRS, HALAL Certified BRS and Clarified Liquid Glucose

Pioneer is also a renowned producer of Wheat Bran, which is an excellent source of nutrition for dairy cattle & for breeding young stock.

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